Brethertons LLP – A Katchr & Peppermint joint case study.

Tony Woodhouse, Partner & Head of Information Technology

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Tony Woodhouse from Brethertons LLP discusses his experience of working with Katchr and Peppermint.

If you don’t have time to watch the video now, here are some highlights from Tony.

In Tony’s words:

“One of the wonderful things about Katchr is everything is so instantaneous, because it does a lot of the hard work in the background, building up warehouse data, whenever a user runs a report or looks at a dashboard, everything appears instantaneously. This is particularly good for team leaders.”

“Katchr certainly helped making the lawyers self-sufficient in gathering the management information they need to manage their portfolio of matters. It’s very easy for our individual lawyers to log in to Katchr and see the information which relates just to them as an individual.”

“I think one other area Katchr really shines – they’ve recently introduced some new pricing dashboards which give you the ability to analyse your previous set of matters. You can dig down by work type or type of matter, different teams, departments, different lawyers, and get an understanding of where you priced matters previously, actually what the costs ended up in the end, the profitability of those matters.”

“We haven’t got programmers who can spend two years implemented the business rules, charts and dashboards and everything else. You guys have done that already. You’ve done it for every other customer you’ve worked for.”

“Katchr and Peppermint are both cloud web provided solutions for Brethertons, so all people had access to those platforms from wherever they were in the world, and whatever client platform they were using. We’ve secured that down with multifactor authentication based around Azure Active Directory, which means we’re confident in the security of access to the platforms, but there’s no, nothing hindering access to those platforms.”

“It wasn’t long ago that we renewed our Katchr contract on a new multiyear deal, and that was because we had absolute confidence it was delivering value for money.”

“I think if someone asked me would I recommend Katchr, one of the big things that makes me want to recommend Katchr is the fact that Katchr are real specialists in this field. The only thing they do is helping law firms get really good management information and business intelligence out of the underlying data sets that those law firms own. They’ve got a long number of years of experience. They’ve got a lot of really great staff who’ve been working in this field for a long time, and you can’t put a price on that kind of expertise. We often go to Katchr, not just to help us achieve a particular end result we want, but also to ask for advice on, here’s a broader business problem. How can we use MI to help us solve this broader business problem? How are other law firms using MI to help solve similar business problems? Katchr’s experience in the field is second to none.”

Don’t think you have reporting issues? Are you measuring these vital KPIs?

There are 25 KPIs that law firms should be measuring but often don’t.

In this handy quick reference guide you will find answers to:

In the guide you will find:

The List

The KPIs in this list have been divided into 5 sections, covering the 5 key areas of business performance:

Know Your Clients

  • Net Promoter Score: Widely used metric for measuring customer experience, grouping respondents as Promoters, Passives and Detractors.
  • Number of Client Referrals: Volume and value of new business introduced by existing clients.
  • Repeat Instructions %: Percentage of new instructions that are repeat business from existing clients.
  • Client Profitability: For any business client, the aggregate gross profit per transaction of all work done for that client.
  • Value of Target Sector: Billing and New Business value for any target market segment (eg geographic area, demographic, business type)

Measuring Your New Business Success

  • Number of Enquiries: Number and estimated value of new business enquiries in given period.
  • Conversion Rate %: Percentage of new business enquiries that become instructions.
  • Cost per Enquiry – CPE: In a given period, CPE = Total cost of acquiring new business ÷ Number of new enquiries.
  • Cost per Acquisition – CPA: In a given period, CPA = Total cost of acquiring new business ÷ Number of instructions.
  • Income per Lead Source: Total billing on matters per lead source in a given period.
  • Gross Profitability per Lead Source: Gross profit per transaction aggregated for each lead source.

Know Your Numbers

  • Average Cost per Transaction: The average cost of time spent to complete matters.
  • Average Gross Profit per Transaction: Total billing – Total cost of delivery ÷ Number of transactions.
  • Gross Margin %: Total billing – Total salary costs ÷ Total billing.
  • Net Cash Impact: Calculated as Total billing minus…
– Unpaid bills
– VAT on unpaid bills
– Disbursements paid but not received
– Disbursements written off
– Total cost of employment
– Marketing spend
– Practising certificates, training etc
– Number of Cases with Financial Risk: For example… Quote or Estimate not provided. Quote or Estimate value exceeded. Working for client with unpaid bills.

Understand Your Processes

  • First Call Response: Elapsed time from initial contact with prospect to conversation with appropriate advisor.
  • Time Between Milestones: Elapsed Time between key milestones.
  • SLA Achievement: Percentage of cases completed within timescales agreed (with client or internally.
  • Complaints: Number of complaints received.
  • Number of Cases with Process Risk: For example…
– Undertakings not discharged
– AML issues
– Inactive matters
– Residual balances

Discover why Katchr has over 80 Law Firm Clients - What our customers say

From improvements in their client service and billing to our own interface and customer support, our customers are singing the praises of Katchr — how it helps them build better practices and achieve their goals.

Hugh Gardner, Partner, Marriott Harrison explains how Katchr made people think differently and work smarter.

Andy Duckworth
Finance Director Trethowans

“Katchr is brilliant – it empowers fee earners and team leaders by giving them everything they need at their fingertips”

Alistair Howard
Finance Director Lodders

“The home page on Katchr, provides me with everything I need for ABC – Activity, Billing and Cash”

Brian Evans
Managing Partner Lanyon Bowdler

“The Katchr staff really understand how a law firm works, they talk our language, they use the terms that we use”

Explore our Katchr Enterprise Features to discover why top law firms choose to use our software to address their reporting challenges.


Today’s data is real-time, and Katchr allows you to track and plan your firm’s management system from one central law firm dashboard.

Clear, in-depth data analysis at the touch of a button.


Katchr includes built-in, easy to use tools for ad hoc analysis of your law firm data.

Compare individuals, teams and offices across a broad range of performance measures.

Risk and

Sleep sound in the knowledge that Katchr has your back covered with its advanced Risk and Compliance Alerts system.Monitor all potential risks and pitfalls with law firm software that allows you to keep on top of your compliance obligations.


Dice and slice your data. Drill down to the details. Analyse the performance of your business by Client, Work Type, Source of Business, Sector or any other criteria that are important to your firm.


Know your numbers – No more waiting days or weeks for month end reports.

Monitor your business in real time. Katchr provides fast, automated production of financial reports.


Understand your new business pipeline.

Get a detailed analysis of sources of business, the profitability of clients, by sector, and cross-selling opportunities.


Find out more about the security of your data, how to integrate with other data sources or how to personalise your dashboards with these common questions and answers.
How secure is my data

Katchr Enterprise can store data either in your data centre (on premise, private hosted, private cloud), or in the Katchr Cloud environment. 

Either way you have the re-assurance that Katchr is certified to ISO27001, ensuring that we carry out all development, support and services using best practice and to the highest standards.

Katchr Cloud solutions store all data in UK data centres. More details available on request.

What source systems are supported?

The following PMS integrations are fully tested and available:

Current PMS Solutions:

  • Aderant Expert
  • Advanced Legal Business (ALB)
  • Civica (Norwell) Prescient
  • Eclipse Proclaim
  • Elite 3E
  • LEAP
  • Linetime Liberate
  • Peppermint CX
  • SOS Connect
  • Tikit Partner

Legacy supported products:

  • Advanced Legal Enterprise (ALE)
  • Advanced Legal Enterprise
  • Advanced Evolution
  • Elite Envision
  • Indigo
  • Lexis Nexis Axxia
  • OMS

Want another? Custom integrations are available on request for any data source with a SQL database or published API.

Can I add data from other sources?

Yes, absolutely. One of the benefits of the Katchr solution is the ability to consolidate data across multiple data sources, such as:

  • Multiple instances of the same PMS
  • Combining PMS data with other accounts packages (eg. Xero)
  • Using CRM and/or HR system data to provide KPIs across client and team engagement
Can I customise my dashboards?

Yes, Katchr dashboards are fully customisable using the built-in dashboard designer – a very popular feature.

Discover more

Our Business Intelligence software for law firms integrates seamlessly into your firm, with first-class training, support and assistance on hand every step of the way.

Are you ready to transform the way you use data?

Our specialist, Jack will be happy to take you on a Product Tour.

Katchr software is available across all devices so you are never more than a glance from your real-time data and your next essential business decision.

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How top law firms use data to improve performance and grow their business

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