Katchr is 10

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This month Katchr is 10! Yes 10 years since Niall and I stepped out from our previous employer to see if we could do any better at building a legal software business.

10 years, 520 weeks, 87000 hours, however you count it, it feels like a lifetime.

From the very early days there was a (very quietly spoken) target of:

                10 years

100 clients

                10 staff

And where are we now? We have worked with 111 law firms, and have 12 staff – an achievement I am really thankful for, and proud of.

Some of the milestones along the way :

                2012 – employee number 2

                2013 – our first formal partnership (with Advanced Legal)

                2015 – a new product look and feel

                2016 – rebranded as Katchr

                2018 – our first Katchr Connect customer conference

                2019 – a new office

                2020 – yes we all know what that year meant to everyone!


See the video below for some of the visual highlights.

So now we look forward to the next 10 years. We have a great team, a wonderful group of engaged and supportive customers, and lots of opportunities to add even more value to those firms we work with.


My heartfelt thanks to all the team, our customers and suppliers for the most rewarding 10 years of my business life.

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