The ‘why’ and ‘how’ of KPI tracking for hard-but-smart workers in law

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Every business owns data. In fact, data is one of a law firm’s most valuable assets. Data in law takes many forms – be it time logs, new and live matters, accounting records, contact lists, expenditures and disbursements, client complaints, employee performance reviews… the list goes on.

Data can be generally categorised into clients, people, finance and process – the four bedrocks of your law firm. A full view of this diverse dataset, across all four elements, is what your success depends upon.

Data in itself is not enough though. Meaning and context must be applied in order to activate true knowledge and actionable insights from your data. That’s the tricky part.

At Jayva, our clients are hard workers. They run busy legal practices and are at the top of their game. But, often they’re so busy working in the business, they lack the time to work on the business. Their busyness is one of the reasons they choose our consultancy and training services. By doing so, they are also able to become smart workers.

Whistlestop tour of Jayva… our services fall into practically the same aforementioned four categories with the addition of technology. It’s technology that’s the focus here.

One major, growing trend we’re seeing at Jayva right now is more and more law firms wanting easier, greater-depth access not just to their data but its interpretation too. Our recently formed partnership with Katchr is perfectly timed. We’re showing these data- and insight-impaired law firms how to view analytics at a glance thanks to Katchr’s advanced business intelligence (BI) platform, integrated with existing case management and legal accounting software, coupled with Jayva’s consultancy and training support.

The people at Katchr are legal sector BI specialists. You might like to check out Katchr’s guest blog on our website titled ‘The road to better KPIs – actionable information beyond fees and time’ and download Katchr’s ‘Top 25 KPIs that law firms don’t measure (but should)’ white paper – both of which are extremely useful resources for hard workers looking to become smart workers by…

Read about the Jayva-Katchr collaboration, and get in touch to request a free, no obligation product demonstration and discover costings. Email, or call +44 (0) 333 20 20 995 (UK) or +1 888 563 9342 (US).

About Jayva

Jayva offers consultancy services throughout the UK and America. Services include:-
Services can be provided on an ad hoc management consultancy, ongoing financial management, risk management advisory or even fixed-term project management basis, according to companies’ unique business needs.

Jayva’s consultants and trainers usefully combine chartered accountancy and finance backgrounds with vast systems, process, compliance and case management expertise within the legal industry, giving firms an assurance of the requisite skills, experience and knowledge to manage one-off projects or regular requirements without committing to a full time, permanent employee.


For more information on Jayva and the details within this press release, please contact:-

Nicola Moore-Miller
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Jayva is a comprehensive global provider of consultancy and training services to law firms which tailors its service delivery to clients’ individual needs.

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Our Business Intelligence software for law firms integrates seamlessly into your firm, with first-class training, support and assistance on hand every step of the way.
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Top 25 KPIs that law firms don’t measure (but should)

Are you looking to improve performance in your law firm? In this handy guide you will find answers to:

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