Live your life to the full.

Happy people have great careers and do great work.

Every single one of us is committed to creating the best possible work/life balance. We passionately believe that people who are satisfied with their lives, work the most effectively. Over the last ten years, this approach has enabled us to create a market-leading product with a stable and caring team. At Katchr, we like to make sure everyone can share in our success.

Annual profit share

We operate a company performance related profit-sharing bonus because we believe everyone should share in our successes.

Flexible working

Most of us have families and we aim to help you live your home life, positively. We offer flexible hours and work-from-home options.

Pension scheme

We offer a workplace contributory pension scheme that we also generously top up so you don’t need to worry about the future.

Loyalty holiday bonus

For every five years you spend with us, you get a holiday bonus of 2 additional weeks so you can go and explore your dreams, with our thanks.

Close-knit team of talented people

We are very careful who we invite to join our team and have worked hard to create a warm and friendly culture that you can enjoy every single day. If we were bakers, you would call us artisans.