How understanding personal capability helps you understand software

In discussion with Jack Venard, Sales Manager at Katchr

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Jack has taken a very eclectic route in life to get to the point he’s at today. At college he was learning Hotel Management and Catering followed by Business Management at Gloucester
Uni but as is often the case in a young adult, the bigger, wider world beckoned. Jack
embarked on a stint in the Marines and saw active service in Afghanistan.

After a few years of “finding himself” Jack, like so many people today, was attracted to the growing technology sector. A wise choice.

To be successful in software sales you must have focus and Jack is a big believer in making sure the body is as focused as the mind. Although, he doesn’t take himself out running on the fells as often as he used to, the desire to focus on a goal stays paramount. “Physical
activity under tough conditions helps you understand your personal capability”, states Jack.
What he means by this is that you cannot truly be yourself until you understand your
capabilities and your limits. Jack is a deep thinker, exactly what you want in a software advisor, especially software designed for the legal sector and he does his deepest thinking when out running.

When asked what his favourite piece of tech was Jack confidently stated, “my phone, as Elon Musk said, ‘we are already cyborgs'”. With a phone, you can do the most sophisticated thing that human beings have achieved… communicate across vast distances in real time.
For a role like Sales Manager, the ability to communicate effectively is paramount and being able to follow that up with something you can send directly from your phone was deeply empowering for the role. But, with communication comes a deeper connection with
customers and Jack is a firm advocate of humility and empathy, “there is a steady but careful trend of law firms moving towards change and relationships are everything”.

Jack Venard (pictured), Sales Manager at Katchr.
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