Hitting the high notes in software

In conversation with Sam Holden, their singing driftwood upcycler

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Customer Success Managers are a relatively new feature of technology companies and represent a maturing of the industry from a relatively introspective discipline to one that fully embraces the human side, whether that be the clients or the colleagues. Katchr is very much leading the field with a delightful mix of talented and vibrant people.

Samantha is all about warmth. You can tell she has empathy in bucketloads, so we decided to get under the skin of things and find out more about her journey into the world of software.

She’s a deeply creative person and like all the best creative minds, has her feet firmly planted in reason. After completing her training in performing arts at Trinity College London, she landing a series of roles in West End Musicals like Fame bringing her epic rock tones to the chorus line. Unsurprisingly, as will most creatives, Sam is fully Ying and Yang when it comes to the fire of creativity versus the need for some serious “down time”. When she’s chilling, it’s all about the peace and quiet – a nice walk out with the dogs (a pair of Newfoundlands) always on the hunt for the next amazing piece of driftwood that begs to be transformed into something spectacular. Then, it’s back to the shed and on with the sander to turn natures throw-aways into someone’s beautiful feature decoration.

A modern software company like Katchr is a place where fascinating people meet and work together. Katchr is more interested in who you are as a person and how you will fit in the team. That Customer Success approach of “shared outcomes” is also reflected in their employee policies which are thoughtful and empowering. For example, you get a loyalty holiday bonus so you can take a once in a lifetime break… every five years. That’s a lot of once in a lifetime moments!

For people like Sam, the company’s support with real life is a real solid base to work in. People with busy minds need opportunities to decompress and let the steam rise. And that’s very much what we mean when we talk about work/life balance. Katchr creates an environment for people to be the best that they can be both in terms of the work they produce on the market-leading software product and in their personal lives too. They understand that people have personal ambitions too.

Samantha Holden (pictured), Customer Success Manager at Katchr.
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