The Essential 25 Law Firm KPIs – Module 1 Know Your Clients

As part of our mission to help you run a stronger business, we will show you how to focus on 25 KPIs which are in use at one or more law firms that Katchr works with. Let’s start with the first 5 KPIs.

How to use this list

The list is designed to make you aware of metrics others are measuring but you may not be.

KPI Number 1 - Net Promoter Score

Widely used metric for measuring customer experience, grouping respondents as Promoters, Passives and Detractors.
There is no better business than referral… assuming your client is as happy as you think they are. By measuring the Net Promoter Score you can better identify who is your perfect ambassador and also, who needs more work.


  • Survey retainer and repeat volume clients at least annually
  • Survey other clients after every transaction
  • Use an online survey to collect the data
  • Automate the process to make it repeatable and scaleable

KPI Number 2 - Number of Client Referrals

Volume and value of new business introduced by existing clients.
There is no clearer message that a client values your service, than that client introducing you to another potential client.


  • Create a culture of encouraging referrals
  • Make it a standard question on completion of every case
  • Use measurement and reporting to monitor results and compare across teams and individuals

KPI Number 3 - Repeat Instructions %

Percentage of new instructions that are repeat business from existing clients.
Repeat business from an existing client is usually many times more cost-effective to acquire than a new client.


  • Existing clients are less likely to want to negotiate on price
  • Focussing on repeat business, also drives quality of service delivery
  • Carefully define an existing client – it is not necessarily someone you last worked for over 3 years ago

KPI Number 4 - Client Profitability

For any business client, the aggregate gross profit per transaction of all work done for that client.
Calculate a measure of matter profitability using time recording data and the cost of time of fee earners involved.


  • Include non-chargeable time spent working for that client
  • Consider including cost of acquisition
  • Aggregate all matters worked on for each client
  • Timebox the data – Financial Years, Rolling 12months based on final bill date
  • Don’t obsess about the minute details of accurately calculating absolute profit per matter
  • Focus on relative comparisons between clients
  • See Gross Profit per Transaction (details in Module 2)

What our customers say

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Alistair Howard
Finance Director Lodders

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Managing Partner Lanyon Bowdler

“The Katchr staff really understand how a law firm works, they talk our language, they use the terms that we use”

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Find out more about the security of your data, how to integrate with other data sources or how to personalise your dashboards with these common questions and answers.
How secure is my data

Katchr Enterprise can store data either in your data centre (on premise, private hosted, private cloud), or in the Katchr Cloud environment. 

Either way you have the re-assurance that Katchr is certified to ISO27001, ensuring that we carry out all development, support and services using best practice and to the highest standards.

Katchr Cloud solutions store all data in UK data centres. More details available on request.

What source systems are supported?

The following PMS integrations are fully tested and available:

Current PMS Solutions:

  • Aderant Expert
  • Advanced Legal Business (ALB)
  • Civica (Norwell) Prescient
  • Eclipse Proclaim
  • Elite 3E
  • LEAP
  • Linetime Liberate
  • Peppermint CX
  • SOS Connect
  • Tikit Partner

Legacy supported products:

  • Advanced Legal Enterprise (ALE)
  • Advanced Legal Enterprise
  • Advanced Evolution
  • Elite Envision
  • Indigo
  • Lexis Nexis Axxia
  • OMS

Want another? Custom integrations are available on request for any data source with a SQL database or published API.

Can I add data from other sources?

Yes, absolutely. One of the benefits of the Katchr solution is the ability to consolidate data across multiple data sources, such as:

  • Multiple instances of the same PMS
  • Combining PMS data with other accounts packages (eg. Xero)
  • Using CRM and/or HR system data to provide KPIs across client and team engagement
Can I customise my dashboards?

Yes, Katchr dashboards are fully customisable using the built-in dashboard designer – a very popular feature.

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Top 25 KPIs that law firms don’t measure (but should)

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