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In conversation with Martin Page, Katchr's data driven ultra marathon runner.

Martin Page Ultra-Marathon
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Many of us take interesting routes in life and that’s certainly the case with our Head of Sales, Martin Page. Through childhood he was obsessed with planes, cars, computers and the latest technology in them all. This lead to seeking a career as a pilot in the RAF. After going through the RAF’s rigorous officer selection process, medical reasons determined a different path for Martin. From finishing A-levels the choice was Air Traffic control (as the RAF said that would be the most suitable role), go to university or get a job.

Martin grew up using and tinkering with computers. Having had an Acorn Electron, BBC Micro and Commodore Amiga, he learned very basic computer programming, however in reality, he was more interested in playing computer games. Living quite close to a newly built office only knowing that they did something to do with computers, Martin speculatively put his CV through the letterbox and was subsequently offered an interview as a trainee commission engineer. The company was Videss and they were specialists in providing practice management software and IT infrastructure to law firms.

Martin’s career developed over the next 10 years, achieving over 20 Microsoft and Cisco accreditations as well as a part time HNC in Computing from Huddersfield University. From building computers to throwing himself into any challenge to learn as much as possible, his thirst for knowledge only increased. Working with helpdesk and engineering service teams, delivering IT systems to law firms all over the country and getting involved in some very difficult IT problems at the time helped progress his career. After many long days and a few times sleeping on server room floors waiting for systems to restore, the focus of continual improvement started to develop resulting in improving overall system reliability, process and client service. After 10 years in various positions, Martin became Director of Managed Services overseeing 3 departments and 26 staff.

In 2006 when Videss was sold to CS Group PLC, the next milestone was for Martin to start and grow his own IT Managed Service business focusing solely on professional sector businesses with law firms at its heart. Growing the team and the client base over the 15 years created a new dimension to both skills and experience, to the point the business was acquired in 2021 and Martin exited to pursue a new challenge.

And, that brings us up to today when, after a couple of lunches with Graham, Martin decided to join Katchr. He knew he was joining some of the very skilled and experienced team from the Videss days and together with Katchr’s ambition of being the best at one solution for law firms was a good match for his focus. Data and applications are exponential and with that provides a continual opportunity to look for solutions around client challenges.

But that’s the career, what about the man? Well, Martin has had some success at ultra-marathon running. After getting in to running purely to lose weight and then having being inspired and encouraged by others to go longer, it wasn’t long before attempting his first trail ultra (an ultra being anything over a marathon in distance, 26.2 miles). Enduring many ultras from 30 to over 100 miles with some seriously challenging terrain and elevation, what started as a challenge to see if was even possible, has become an almost enjoyable pastime! The reward is ultimately being able to finish regardless of time and that gives an indescribable sense of achievement. “I do believe that we have to step out of our comfort zone to really appreciate what we have. Ultras are a great expression of life compressed into a day. Being physically able to complete the challenge is one thing but the mental endurance is a whole different battle”

In more recent times the use of analytics from smart watches has enabled him to fine tune his training, this alongside changes to diet, has resulted in significant changes to performance. Mid pack finishes have progressed in to podium places. Always striving to push beyond the comfort zone, he continuously challenges the limits of both mind and body to maximise performance. And this is exactly the alignment of Katchr’s core values, the culture of life-long growth, that Katchr champions both behind the scenes within our teams and likewise nurtures amongst our clients.

Martin Page
Martin Page (pictured), Head of Sales at Katchr
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