CTS delivers IT services that transform the user experience and operational success of Law Firms and Barristers’ Chambers, both day-to-day and in the longer term. They understand the highly regulated nature and distinctive culture of the legal sector and their users.

With Katchr’s equal expertise in law firm operations, the two services complement each other perfectly to create an intelligent approach to technology and data management information.

That experience and expertise allows us to co-create tailored solutions that maximise the efficient use of fee earners’ time, enhancing productivity and profitability.

And now those tailored solutions are even more bespoke with the addition of Katchr into the picture as the software transforms law firm data into an invaluable decision-making tool.

Katchr unlocks the data hidden in a firm with our law firm business intelligence software to help drive your business goals and gives firms access to vital, real-time management information.

As we see more and more technology, working practices and data intelligence transformations in the legal sector, the requirement for joined up approaches between complementary technology providers becomes ever more imperative.