Jayva is a comprehensive global provider of consultancy and training services to law firms which tailors its service delivery to clients’ individual needs. For example: ad hoc consultancy, software implementation, end user training, ongoing technical support, consultancy services or project management.

They strive to empower, inform and inspire law firms to harness the power of technology, enabling them to adapt and refocus on the human element, by ensuring the best outcomes for their clients, employees, associates and communities alike. Jayva is now working with Katchr to design a single point solution for MI dashboarding for their LEAP & Xero clients.

Katchr’s data warehouse enables the Xero data to be pulled into the Dashboarding tool seamlessly alongside the LEAP data.Senior decision makers and accounts managers can easily see the firms’ performance as a whole without moving between two applications.

From a compliance perspective, bookkeepers, cashiers and accountants can sometimes struggle with cross-reconciliation of dual systems, so one of the main web-parts will be a feature which takes the pain out of that process and alerts those in charge of the accounts if there are any data integrity concerns.

Not only does this aid with financial and regulatory compliance, but it takes away hours of checking which would be done manually at the end of every month.

The Katchr partnership with Jayva creates value for money management information and KPI’s. We have fine-tuned all our dashboard components, to really make a difference to performance delivered in a packaged yet configurable and customisable set of products.