Dashboard analytics and reporting for law firms

See your law firm’s performance at the touch of a button.

Living data for law firms

To keep up in today’s legal sector you need clear and precise performance information available at the touch of a button in a law firm dashboard. Katchr transforms your firm’s data into an invaluable decision-making tool, allowing you to gain insight into your firm.

No more waiting weeks for management reports. No more delays in process monitoring. Just instant access to the most powerful tool in your arsenal – information.

Get up and running fast

Katchr is delivered as a complete working solution. Our out of the box deployment provides you with a complete law firm management information solution built on our experience working with firms like yours.

Easily Customised

Make the solution your own. We will work with you to customise the solution, focussing on the measures that are important to your firm. Personalised dashboards ensure everyone has access to just the information they need.

Consolidate all your data

Whether your data is in one single practice management system, or scattered across multiple legacy systems, Katchr provides one version of the truth. All your data available in one place.

Integrate any data source

Proven out of the box integrations with most legal practice management systems. Custom integrations available for any other source


Performance Dashboards

Fast and easy to use Katchr dashboards:
• Monitor performance of the firm, teams and individuals.
• Keep WIP and debtors under control, hit your billing targets,
• Align the entire firm on clear objectives


Risk and compliance

Katchr dashboard alerts identify the exceptions and share that information, so that exposure is clearly understood and corrective action can be taken, fast!
• Manage risk,
• Devolve responsibility
• Reduce your PII premiums.

Profitability analysis

• Focus on the right work and the right clients for your firm.
• Understand the profitability of work by case type, client or source of business.
• Know your clients better with a suite of measures showing the true value they bring to your business.

Automated Financial Reporting

• Dynamic P&L by team or profit centre
• Full drill down to transactions
• Balance Sheet reporting
• Automated apportionment of expenses
• WIP movement calculations

Matter analysis

Improve pricing with detailed breakdown of historic costs and profitability of matters.
Improve your matter management with
• alerts on inactive matters
• monitoring of estimates
• tracking of budgets

Business development

Katchr equips your firm with everything you need to win new business and improve existing relationships.
• Monitor sources of business
• Identify cross selling opportunities
• Analyse your marketing spend

Case Management

Manage your transactional work with graphical displays to provide clear insight
• Track progress of cases
• Identify bottlenecks
• Manage capacity
• Monitor SLAs.


“The ease with which we can now extract pertinent information for business development has been of tremendous benefit to our marketing team…”

Stephens Scown

“We’ve always been very transparent about our finances across the firm, and it is apparent to all that they have definitely improved on the back of this initiative”


“Katchr is brilliant – it empowers fee earners and team leaders by giving them everything they need at their fingertips. It helps people manage and be managed by clearly displaying instantly accessible performance data”

Anderson Rowntree

“It’s certainly helped us to control risk and compliance more. Our MLRO, COLP and COFA can see at a glance just how we are doing.”

Harold Benjamin

“Katchr have helped us see where our core strengths are, and helped us make those stronger”

Which version of Katchr best suits your firm?

Katchr Enterprise

The comprehensive law firm business intelligence solution for mid-sized law firms. Fully customisable to meet each firm’s specific information and reporting requirements, Katchr Enterprise is the premium version of our product.

Katchr Express

Katchr Express is the lighter version of the Katchr Business Intelligence Solution. Specifically designed for firms with less than 30 lawyers, Katchr Express makes performance dashboards available from anywhere with a secure cloud-based app.

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From improvements in their client service and billing to our own interface and customer support, our customers are singing the praises of Katchr — how it helps them build better practices and achieve their goals.

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