How your law firm legacy software is holding you back

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Have you considered whether you are using the best law firm practice management software for your firm? If it’s an old system, your law firm practice management software may be creating new problems for you. 

Legacy law firm software causes issues that range from increased security risks to not being compatible with other systems. Katchr can help resolve the issues of legacy software without the need for an immediate full replacement project, which can be time-consuming, disruptive and expensive.

Here are some of the ways Katchr can help supplement your practice management system:


Legacy law Practice Management Software (PMS) is often installed on-premise. This makes it difficult for lawyers and other members of the staff to access it from outside the office. These systems are often encapsulated into a remote desktop, which causes them to have limitations on their laptop version. Additionally, some law firm practice management systems may be only accessible with some browsers and cause various compatibility issues.

law firm software

Katchr makes the data in these systems securely available via a browser from anywhere in the world. This means all the members of your firm can access your law firm’s management data from any location and device. That is including desktop computers, laptops and mobile devices such as tablets.

Our Katchr Express solution for smaller firms, such as virtual law firms and firms with less than 20 lawyers, is fully accessible from anywhere via a secure cloud-based app. Cloud-based software provides many advantages over on-premise solutions, including enhanced availability and efficiency. Cloud software also offers much much easier scaling when your firm grows.

Security is another factor to take into account. Old law firm PMS and case management software can pose a significant risk to law firms. If the maintainer isn’t creating patches and releasing updates when a new vulnerability is discovered, data can be exposed. The data law firms store is highly sensitive, so it is essential that firms have first-class software in place. Katchr keeps all your information secure in one central location that the whole firm can access.

Complexity for fee earners

Practice management systems often provide the same user experience to fee earners as to cashiers and back-office staff. This makes it time-consuming and clunky for fee earners to access the basic time, billing and performance information they need in order to keep on top of their performance.

law firm software

Katchr provides a clear and straightforward user experience to fee earners, providing just the information they need, and nothing more, at a single click of a mouse. Katchr dashboards provide fast, easy access to KPIs and management information, helping lawyers keep track of their targets.

Integrations and additional bolt-ons

To circumvent limitations in their legacy system, firms will often adopt additional systems to supplement the core practice management software. There are multiple examples of this. For instance, law firms usually have separate Case Management systems in place for tracking client information and instantly accessing the documentation related to any specific case. 

Case management systems, as well as CRM systems, HR systems and document management systems, can all be useful and improve the organisation of different areas of the firm. 

However, firms often end up with multiple systems in place, which can be confusing for anyone who needs to work with them. But even worse, having multiple software solutions often causes duplicate data and problems when members of the staff lose track of where every bit of information is stored. 

In these circumstances, when data ends up spread around multiple systems, reporting becomes very complex, and sometimes practically impossible. And, without accurate reporting, firms miss out on making the best possible decisions on their pricing, business development and service delivery.

Katchr allows firms to combine all data from disparate sources into one unified reporting solution. With one version of the truth, making data-based decisions becomes much easier and lawyers, team leaders and their different teams can know exactly what they need to do to achieve their goals. Katchr helps you unlock and understand the data hidden in the various case and document management system, as well as the CRM and HR systems that you use in your firm. 

Tracking KPIs and management information becomes much easier. With Katchr’s advanced analytics you can get a deep insight into your firm, seeing a detailed breakdown of historic time, billing and profitability data.

Find out more about Katchr and its features, including automated financial reporting, matter analysis, profitability analysis and performance management. 

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